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Top 5 high paying web hosting affiliate program 2018: Make upto $150 per sale

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If you're looking for the best high paying hosting affiliate program that you can refer to your audience through your blog, website or ads and make thousands of dollar while you're asleep then here I have listed about the highest ticket web hosting affiliate programs that can help you make you up to $150 per sale. 

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the high paying affiliate programs which is tied up with ShareASale as a payment gateway for the affiliate, which means you need to have a ShareASale account to receive payments.

WP Engine offers a commission of $200 per sale with 100% of the first month as the commission that is quite higher as the plans give you the best high return. WP affiliate network works on the sub-affiliate program that means you will earn a whopping $50 per sub affiliate referral.

WP Engine provides a high-quality banner(which is continuously updated to increase the performance)  for there affiliates which means your visitors would turn into WP customers.

Affiliate Bullet Points for WP Engine

  • Commission Per Sale:  High commission compared to other hosting providers $200 per new customer or 100% of the customer's first-month billing.
  • Referral Methods: High-Quality banners and affiliate links that can help to promote WP hosting program. WP banners are regularly tested to increase the display ads on a performance basis which indirectly helps in increasing more sales.
  • Incentive Bonus begins when you make a commission from your 5 sales per month. You will make an additional earning of $100 after your first 5 sales. You will make $250 as an incentive for 10 sales or if you have a massive email list or visitors to your blog making you around 60 sales then you will earn an incentive of $1450.
  • Cookie Lifespan: ShareASale offers a cookie intelligence tracking system which is credited to 180 days which means you will earn the same affiliate earning if your visitor turns up and makes a purchase in this time limit of 180 days.
  •  Sub Affiliate Commission: WP Engine has awesome sub-affiliate programs so that you can earn a whopping $50 if your affiliate sales a WP program to his new customer. 
Plans Of WP Engine

2.SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround is one of the tops recommended hosting by many Bloggers and YouTubers, it has excellent hosting services providing many plans like WEB HOSTING, CLOUD HOSTING, WORDPRESS HOSTING, AND WOOCOMMERCE HOSTING. It is one of the best hosting platform giving 99.9% uptime and high-speed for your blog.

SiteGround provides a lucrative one to one affiliate program which anyone can refer to their visitors. The commission ranges from $50 per sale to $125 per sale which depends on the plan your referral is billed. SiteGround works on the performance-based affiliate program which means "IF MORE SALES MORE EARNINGS".

Affiliate Bullet Points Of SiteGround
  • Commission Per Sale: SiteGround is the performance-based affiliate commission, you can make from $50 to $125.
  • Referral Methods: Varieties of banners and logos, custom banner, referral links.
  • Incentive bonus(Performance-based commission):  Between 1 to 5 sales you will receive $50 per sale as commission, for 6 to 10 conversion you will get $75 per sale as commission, and it goes on beyond 21 conversions you will be paid $125 and more.
  • Payout Threshold: SiteGround doesn't have any payout threshold that means you will receive your first affiliate earning may it be more or less.
  • Real-time tracking: SiteGround gives a tracking affiliate feature to track the details of payouts and to create and compare different campaigns.
  • Tech Support: SiteGround affiliate teams will help you receive required updates about banners and offers or if your facing with any difficulty regarding placing your banner, you can always contact the support team.
Plans of SiteGround 


3. Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator which has captured the best hosting title in the market for a few decades is among the top hosting platform hosting around 8 million websites. The reason for HOSTGATOR to hold the top hosting provider position from so long time is there service support(24/7/365) and site speed, you get 99.9% uptime, unlike any other hosting provider. Apart from that, you will get your money back in 45 days if you think not to continue with them.

Hostgator share a big affiliate commission to all there users and one who wants to refer then to there visitors. Hostgator has an awesome commission policy which is quite different from others that is you get paid even for signup, that means if your visitor didn't make a purchase instead just signup with Hostgator than you will earn some revenue for a specified number of signups.

Affiliate Bullet Points Of Hostgator
  • Commission Per Sale: You can even make around $125 per sale, where it depends on the plan your referral is billed.
  • Sign-Up commission strategies: As Hostgator loves their affiliates you will even earn if your referral signup with Hostgator.
  • Referral methods: Hostgator provides you with many high-quality banners with regards to the plans you opt for.
  • Payout Threshold:  Payments are done on monthly basis. To receive your payments you need to reach a $100 for the commission.
  • Tracking Support: After you login into the affiliate dashboard, you can track the number of signups, clicks, payouts, conversion rates, and EPC.
Plans Of Hostgator



4.Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is run by Endurance International Group, hosting around 2 million websites and blogs. It is among the top 20 hosting providers in the world. This year Bluehost paid $5 million dollars to there affiliate marketers.

Bluehost is the best web hosting platform due to the cheap cost of more value. You can get your blog hosted with just $2.9 per month with Bluehost Baby Plan.  

Coming back to the Affiliate earning that you can make from Bluehost is around $65 per sale which goes up to $125 depending on the number of sales and plans, which makes it a performance-based affiliate commissions per sale, your earning is directly proportional to a number of sales you make.

PAT FLYNN founder of earns around $50K every month and that just from Bluehost. ( Just imagine how powerful affiliate marketing can be for your blog, you will be able to make instant money in quick time with your visitors).

Affiliate Bullet Points OF Bluehost
  • Commission Per Sale: You will be paid $65 per sale or more depending on the number of sales and the plan purchased by your visitor, which is unlike any other hosting provider mentioned above.
  • Performance-Based Commission: Your revenue would depend on the number of sales, if you are able to drive your traffic from your site to Bluehost then your commission would increase to $125 per sale.
  • Referral Methods: Bluehost provides you a number of banners and links which you use to promote to your audience.
  • Payout Threshold: You will receive your payout after 45 days of the previous payout. The minimum payout threshold is $100 in order to receive your payout, through PAYPAL.
  • Conversion tracking support: You will be able to track the number of sales with Bluehost dashboard where you get live tech support from Bluehost team if you're confused on payout details.
Plans Of Bluehost

5.DreamHost Affiliate Program

Dreamhost is one of the most recommended hostings by WordPress. You can get started with your blog just $2.59 per month. With Dreamhost, your site is extremely fast, secure with 99.9% uptime so that your search engine ranks increases drastically.

DreamHost is officially recommended by Wordpress which increases the trust factor for this hosting giving you more conversions with low reversals. You can promote their affiliate links through email marketing and sharing to your social media audience. Your payment would depend on the plan your visitor will make a purchase through your affiliate link. This ranges from $25 to $150.

Affiliate Bullet Points Of Dreamhost
  • Commission Per Sale: DreamHost affiliate earning depends on the plan your visitor will make which range from $25 to $150 per sale.
  • Plan-wise Commission: DreamHost affiliate is quite unique compared to other hosting affiliates, here you get paid according to the hosting plan your referral makes a purchase. You get paid $5 for every sub-affiliate referrals.

  • Referral Methods: Number of high-quality Banners and links.
  • Payment Method: You will receive your payment after 97 days through Paypal.
  • Tracking Dashboard: You can track the details about the click and payments details through DreamHost affiliate Dashboard.
Plans Of DreamHost

How does this hosting affiliate network work?

Step 1: Join the hosting affiliate

Hosting affiliate program works just like any other affiliate program were you review about any of the top hosting company( XYZ hosting) that your website or blog is currently being hosted. Then you join the "Become an affiliate" for that company by signing up with required detail that is needed by that XYZ hosting company. So you are now a new affiliate for the hosting company.

Step 2: Turn your visitors into customers

This is the hardest step but if done wisely then you can make a lot of money through this lucrative affiliate programs, turning your visitors into customers is hard but if you share your experiences like how the XYZ hosting provider gave you more uptime, technical support, speed, and more features compared to ZYX hosting provider, then people will be interested in knowing more about that hosting even making a purchase from your affiliate links.

"That's exciting right"

Step 3: Promote inside and outside of your blog or website

I have seen bloggers who don't have a website or blog and they are making tons of money with this hosting affiliate through solo ads or using social media like FB, Twitter or Pinterest as a traffic source. I highly recommend Pinterest if you're starting any online venture may be affiliate marketing or blogging. The reason to that is you will get a good amount of traffic from Pinterest if your pin goes viral. My first pin on Pinterest got a lot of impressions and my blog received a 2000 pageview in the first month of its setup.

"Pinterest is really powerful for marketing".

Step 4: Money overnight tip

So you have set up your blog post about one of the reviews on the best web hosting. Now it's time to capture emails from your visitors giving them some value in return. Once you have done that and got a massive email list in your autoresponder, then on the same day or next send them an email scripting as given:

" Hi, John(Customer Name)

Just wanted to thank you for subscribing to my blog. Here is a special discount on (XYZ hosting) that you had looked upon in my blog or if you didn't check out my blog post: ( URL)
Get your special discount here- ( affiliate link).

You can contact me any time or ping me on any of the social media platforms to get more discount and updates about my blog.

Gmail-( URL)
Fb or Pinterest-(URL)


Step 5: Go to Bed

Next step is easy,  jump into your bed and sleep, the other day when you would be out of your bed you will have tons of emails saying you made few sales for that XYZ hosting.

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Final Words

If you give value to your visitors by sharing your knowledge about this affiliate hosting programs then you will for sure make sales, if you opt for one then I will recommend you to stick with it. If you're promising that one of the hostings is best then share your views with your audience through your blog or website.

This affiliate is highly trusted and lucrative if you're able to persuade one of your visitors to click on the link and make a purchase then you will make a good money overnight. Making your first affiliate sale can be tough but possible slowly when people get to know about your blog and you then with no doubt you will make money with this hosting affiliate programs.
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