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3 Best High Paying Adsense Alternative Ad Network For Bloggers-2018

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If you have search upon on Google about the best Adsense alternative you might stumble upon many websites talking about Media.net to be the best alternative to Google Adsense in fact, that is absolutely true.

Media.net is powered by Yahoo! and Bing. It is worlds leading and growing contextual advertising network which was founded by Divyank Turakhia in 2010. Media.net is the biggest competitor to Google Adsense as the add network is very popular among many blogs and websites. 

If your blog is receiving visitors from Countries like USA, Canada or UK then it will be a wise call to try this add-network as the CPC for this countries is very high compared to other countries, you would be able to make a good revenue out of this ad network. Media.net works on the CPC pricing model, which means you are paid more when your visitor clicks on the advertisement.

Media.net features high quality adds which is related to the keywords your blog post is ranking in Google. It takes around 2 to 5 days for your blog to get approved by Media.net.

Pros and Cons of using Media.net

  • Media.net is one of the trusted Ad-network company in the world. 
  • PPC and CPC are higher compared to Adsense, giving you more return on Click and impressions.
  • Mobile Friendly Adds which are of two kinds:
               1. Context Adds: This is the adds which are related to the context of the blog.
               2. Web Bar: Ads displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Ads are related to the content of the blog which increases good chances for the visitors to click on it, which increases your earning revenue.
  • Media.net ads can be integrated with other Ad-network like Google Adsense ads, Propeller Ads.
  • Payments are done with Paypal and Payoneer after reaching a minimum threshold of $100. As the payments are done instantly after reaching the threshold within 30 days the payout process is quite smooth.
  • The primary language of your blog needs to be in English. If your blog is on some other language then your application is likely to be rejected.
  • If your blog is not receiving traffic from countries as mentioned above or is not updated from many days the chances for getting approved by Media.net is quite less.
  • If your blog got approved by Media.net but it is not following any rules under the category of their "Terms and Services" then it is most likely that your Media.net ads will be suspended.
Advertisement Types:
  • Interstitial Ads, contextual ads, revenue ads and mobile ads.

Bidvertiser is another best alternative to Adsense. Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network. As the name suggests "Bidvertiser", this ad network works on bidding system which means that after you integrate the ads it will not show for few days unless a high bidder finds your blog then bids on it. He will place the ad after you accordingly on the space which can be later modified by you.

As Bidvertiser works on the bidding system you will be paid a good amount when someone(visitor) on your site click and makes a purchase as offered by the bidder(conversions).

The best part of using Bidvertiser with your site is that you can customize it anytime which fits the look of your blog and enhancing visitors experiences.

Pros and Cons of using Bidvertiser
  • The Ads are mobile friendly giving the best experience to the visitors from mobile devices.
  • The minimum payout is quite less i.e, only $10 which can be received through Paypal.
  • High return on clicks and conversions, you will earn a good return on click and conversion using Bidvertiser ads. This is why it is among the highest paying ad network alternative to Adsense.
  • You can customize the ads is possible with accordance to blog look which increases user interaction without hampering visitor experience.
  • Bidvertiser revenue tracker is not user-friendly.
  • Add Customization is needed if not done properly then it can distort the blog look n feel.
  • If the site is not ranking in Google or any other search engines or if the blog content is not to the mark then there is a possibility that the bidder might not bid on that site or blog.
Advertisement Types:
  • POP ads, Content ads, Mobile ads, Banner ads, Inline ads, and Skyscraper.

Infolinks is the world 6th largest ad network. This ad network works a bit different compared to other ad networks as it displays ads in the unused space in the blog. It is another high paying alternative ad network to Adsense. 

Infolinks displays ads related to the keywords your blog or site is ranking in the Google. The minimum threshold is about $50 through Paypal. This ad network work on the basis of CPC and CPM pricing model 

This ad-network is also based with GEO-LOCATION traffic that means if you have traffic source from countries like USA, UK or Canada then the earning per click and per 1000 impression will be high.

Pro and Cons of using  Infolinks


  • Even if your blog traffic is low you will earn a good return from this ad network.
  • Signing up with Infolink is much easier compared to Adsense. Within 2 to 5 days your site will be approved.
  • Varieties of ad format which will help you pick one suitable for your blog.
  • The space that is not used in the blog is mostly used like that of sidebars or bottom display.
  • Ads related to the keyword on the blog post which increases the number of clicks.

  • Ads are not that high quality making the site unprofessional and degrading visitors experience.
  • Revenue from Infolink is quite less compared to that of Adsense or any other ad network.
  • If the traffic is not from countries like USA, UK or Canada then the earning will be less.
Advertisement Type:

  • Inframe Ads, Intag Ads, and Infold Ads
  • Inframe Ads - This is the ads which are placed along the sides of the blog frames.
  • Intag Ads - This is the tag ads which are placed in between the blog posts.
  • Infold Ads - This is the ads placed at the bottom of the blog post.

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