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3 Pinterest Pins That Got My Blog 1000 Pageviews In My First Month Pinteresting( No Tailwind Just Manual Pinning)

Yes, Pinterest is just amazing I got 1000 page views to my completely new blog which I have just started two months back. I am still receiving 10-15 views from this 3 pins daily, which are also my first 5 pins on Pinterest. I just got started on Pinterest a month back as I knew it to be the best traffic source for any blog which is recently started up or is having its pillar set.

I got to know about Pinterest from Alex and Lauran who are the founder of multiple six-figure blogs and

Pinterest is very new to me but I got the hold of it through some Youtube videos where I found some awesome free Pinterest tutorials from channels like:

  1. Create And Go
  2. Caffeinated Blogger
  3. Life Styling Space

Pinterest An Search Engine Not A Social Platform

One thought that I kept in mind was that Pinterest is not like any other social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you get more blog visits when you have a higher number of followers(which is quite hard to get a tons of people following you back when you follow them or even if you start an ad campaign).

This is why I recommend Pinterest where you gain visitor if your pin goes viral or is shared among many group boards. This is nothing to do with your followers, yes if you have genuine followers in group boards then there is 99% chances that your pin will go viral.

3 Top Performing Pins Of Cool Webers

 3 Best Recurring Affiliate Program For New Blogger

This Pin got around 124 clicks, 233 saves, and 14.5k impressions. This is amazing right it was my 2nd  pin on Pinterest and you can see that I saved it just 30 days back.

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 3 High Paying Affiliate Program make up to $200 per sale.

 This pin got 48 clicks, 77 saves, and 4k impressions. This pin also redirects back to the same blog post as that of the above pin, which got my blog around 200 page views to that single blog post in one month.

3 High Paying Best Affiliate Advertisement Network

This pin got my blog around 1.9k impression, 37 saves, and 14 clicks which are quite low but I am happy because I know it is just a starting I will be receiving more traffic from Pinterest.

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These pins are also ranking on Pinterest for the top searches like:

1.Affiliate Marketing
2.Affiliate Program
3. Ad Network
5. High Paying affiliate programs

And more

How To Create Pins That Goes Viral On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing From Create And Go- Thanks to Lauren for her awesome in-depth tutorial on how to create pins that skyrocket in no time.

How To Create Pinterest Pins that goes viral- Life Styling Space

These two videos are really helpful if your getting started with Pinterest. If your plans are to get traffic from Pinterest then you have to make some awesome pins that go viral.

As Pinterest works similar to that of Google it is easy to rank your pin on Pinterest than on Google.
Google takes approximately around 4 to 5 months for a new blog post to show up on the top, and it is also might take more time than 4 to 5 months if the blog post is not well SEO optimized but getting your pins rank high on Pinterest is easy you need to follow few rules as given below

1. Make a Pin which you feel like pinning yourself, if you feel that the pin that you have made is not to the mark then I will suggest you create a fresh one. I know it takes time and a lot of effort to create pins that really shine out of the other Pins.

2. Size of the pin matters a lot, I would suggest you to keep the dimension 735*1550 as suggested by Lauren in the above video, you can also try out different fonts, text headers, and images which you feel that is unique and can stand out from other Pins.

3.  Write an in-depth description about 250 to 300 words before you hit the Publish Button for the pin you created, place two LSI keyword and one targeted keyword in the description. If you're not optimizing the description then you might lose a lot of saves and clicks to your pin and site respectively.

4.  Manually Pin every single day, this will help Pinterest to know that you are consistent to deliver value to your followers which indirectly will help in two ways. Firstly, your blog traffic will increase. Secondly, your pins will rank high on Pinterest quickly.

5. Pinto Group boards daily, this will help your pins to skyrocket in no time. If you're a collaborator in a group which has a lot of followers then I will suggest you pin it regularly. Slowly, that group board people will start knowing you and your blog. You also need to pin to your own Group Board regularly.

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