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3 Best Recurring SEO Affiliate Program For Beginners.Make Some Crazy Affiliate Money(2018)

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If your a new blogger with a mindset to monetize your blog with affiliate products then it is important for you to know about the best affiliate programs which you can sell and earn a good return as commission.

 If affiliate marketing sounds new to you or you're having fewer ideas about affiliate but confused on which product you can refer to your audience so that you can make some extra income, then here are some affiliate program that I personally use and recommend in my blog. This programs can be referred or promoted in any blogs working in niches related to making money online, Seo tips and tricks, keywords research guide, content marketing or by any means the blog is related to SEO facts.

As Affiliate Marketing is in trend, most digital marketers, internet influencers, and bloggers are switching their website from Adsense(or an advertisement) rather promoting valuable affiliate products. The reason for that is just a simple mathematical calculation.

 If you have a blog which receives a daily traffic of about 2000 page views and you have monetized your blog with Adsense then the earning that your blog will make that particular day would be in the range between $5 to $14(if the blog has good CPM and CPC). If I multiply that with 30 days earning then it would be around $150 to $420. That is a rough approximation about how much you can earn from Adsense in a month.

 Just imagine if you can make 5 out of 2000 readers to click on a link that will drive them to an attractive affiliate sales page(which will give you a commission of around $15 per sale if someone makes a purchase) then just do the further calculation, you will find the difference on how much you can make in one single month from affiliate then on Adsense. The best part of affiliate marketing is that it is a recursive way to make money online. That means after someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link and continues with that product in the future than for every new payment the user makes in a month or so, you will earn a percentage as commission. This will add up with the new affiliate earning.

Now, after you know about how you can get started and commit yourself saying "Yes, it is time for me to promote valuable products on my blog which is best for my readers giving them value and making me some passive money". 

The 3 High Paying  Recurring Seo Affiliate Programs are:



Then don't look back. I have listed down the best Seo affiliate program that you can promote in your blog giving you some good return. I repeat they are recurring affiliate programs so you will be making money every single month when your user continues with that product.

Semrush is an all in one competitive analysis tool which is a well-known SEO tool among the most digital marketers, bloggers, and internet influencers. Apart from the unique feature of this tool to provide the best low competition keywords, high CPC keyword, competitor backlinks, keyword rank tracking, site audit, and many more analysis features.

 This tool has been one of the favorite SEO tools among most online marketers and is growing rapidly, the reason is simple. The company has a huge collection of SERP data for more than 800 million keywords and 130 million domains. Just imagine with this only one keyword research tool you have the details of 800 million keywords in your hand.

SemRush also has an affiliate program which is popularly known as a BeRush affiliate program. You might have seen many pro blogger and SEO gurus promote this tool to a lot of their audience may be their  Blog or Youtube.

 You will earn a commission of 40% per sale if any visitor from your blog clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected to sales or signup page of SemRush.

berush affiliate program

Affiliate bullet points for Semrush.

  • Commision per each sale: You will receive a 40% commission every month till the referral makes payment to use SemRush.
  • The minimum threshold for payout: You can take payout by Paypal and Wire Transfer which have their own threshold policy. 
         1.Paypal threshold for payout: $50
         2. Wire transfer for payout: $1000
  • Cookies lifespan: As you can see in the image clearly stating that "enjoy the first cookie win attribution model to get a cookie lifespan of  10 years". Clearly, giving us the clue that the cookie lifespan is for a long period.
  • Promoting methods: Promo Banners and Referal links.

Plans of Semrush

Monthly plans

     1. PRO PLAN:
  • Cost:$99.95
  • Affiliate commission per sale:-  $39.98.
      2. GURU PLAN:

  • Cost: $199.95
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:- $79.98


  • Cost: $399.95
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:- $159.8
Annual Plans

     1. PRO PLAN:

  • Cost:-$999.40
  • Affiliate Commission:- $399.76

    2. Guru Plan:

  • Cost:-$1999.40
  • Affiliate Commission:- $799.76
   3.Business Plan:
  • Cost:-$3999.40
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:-$1599.90

Semrush is so popular that many pro bloggers recommend this tool to their readers and this tool is indeed very helpful for new as well as pro bloggers in every aspect in terms of SEO and other features which makes everything easy related to keyword research and many other Seo analytical research.

Semrush gives us the best affiliate commission of 40% on every sale,  it is among my top list of affiliate program that any blogger can sign up and recommend it to their viewers.


Kwfinder is all in one tool like Semrush but there are few features and functionalities that make it completely unique and helpful tool in respect to Seo point of view. One of the best thing that I personally like about this tool is that it comes with both free and paid so that any referred user can first try it out and continue if it is useful for them. You get 5 FREE TRAIL DAILY.

Kwfinder is popular among most bloggers. The database has more than 1,350 millions keywords, you can get the best-suited keyword that you want to target with just one click. The other features like checking up the SEO difficulty score for a keyword, competitor backlinks or getting semantic keywords comes in handy with this tool. You can play around with this tool every day unless you find the best keyword for your blog content.

 Mangool affiliate program is a well-known affiliate program of Kwfinder.

Talking about the affiliate commission you can make with this tool are from its monthly or annual plan. The average monthly earning is estimated between $487.  The number of active Mangool users are more than 300k making it a trusted tool to promote to your viewers.

Affiliate Bullet Points For Kwfinder
  • Commission Per Each Sale: 30% recurring commission per sale.
  • The minimum threshold for payout: $150 through PayPal
  • Cookie Lifespan: Cookies have a lifespan of 30 days that means if your referred visitor decides to go with this tool then you will be making 30% commission.
  • Promoting methods: Promo Banners and Referral links

Plans of Kwfinder

Monthly Plans

    1.Mangools  Basic:

  • Cost: $49
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $14.7
   2.Mangools Premium:
  • Cost: $69
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $20.7
  3. Mangools Agency:
  • Cost: $129
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $38.7

Annual Plan (Save up to 40%)

1.Mangools Basic:
  • Cost: $358.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $107.64
2.Mangools Premium:
  • Cost: $478.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $143.64
3. Mangools Agency:
  • Cost: $958.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $287.64
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Linkody is the best tool to track your competitor backlinks, this tool gives you all the details about high to low quality backlinks your competitor is using for his site. This tool is recommended by many pro bloggers as it keeps a track about what links you have gained or lost for your site. You can also connect this tool with your Google Analytics which will give you more details about backlinks, keeping a track for it.

Linkody has the best feature to get you all detailed list of the backlinks your competitors so that you can ping as many as you can get more backlinks to your site. You even get to know about the social share counts of your blog post with that of your competitors.

Linkody also provides an affiliate program popularly known as SAAS AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Linkody gives 30% commission per sale for each referred user. This affiliate is recurring which makes it a best affiliate recurring revenue ever. To signup as an affiliate, all you have to do is email them saying in the subject as "Me Your New Affiliate". That's it!!!!

Affiliate Bullet Points For Linkody
  • Commission Per Sale: 30% RECURRING COMMISSION per month.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Promoting Methods: Banners And Referral Links.
Plans Of Linkody

Monthly Plans

  • Cost: $14.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $4.47
  • Cost: $24.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $7.47
  • Cost: $49.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $14.97
  • Cost:$104.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:$31.47
  • Cost:$147.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:$44.37


Final Words

Affiliate marketing is best when you have a good traffic flow to your blog, but you can even make money with affiliate even if your blog traffic is low. Above, I have listed all the 3 best recurring SEO affiliate programs which you can give a try before recommending it to your readers.

This Affiliate program gets you a good commission on return, providing you some good passive money. You may write a blog post related to this tools saying " How it helped your blog to gain incredible traffic", "SEMRUSH VS KWFINDER- WHICH IS BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL", "How using this single tool skyrocketed my blog post in 30 days" and many more which will make audience know the importance about this tool.

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