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4 Best Ways To Make Money From Home( ONLINE WAYS)- COOL WEBERS

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Making money from home is easy unless you know the right trick to do it. Before we come up with ideas on how to achieve it, some of the few queries that would have popped into your mind are

  • What are the different options that you can explore to get wealthy online faster?

  • What if you put in a lot of effort and it didn't turn as you think?

  • Is it going to cost a lot of investment to work from home online and give a start?

  • From where to start and how to progress?
    Yes, I know there are lot many more questions that are popping up in your head.BUT, you just need to stay motivated and work on your plans.
    I know you're excited to start. Always remember the more you learn, the more you earn.

    Now we will come on step by step process in order to learn how to start working from home to earn money. BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME without any investment can be hard but achievable.

    Can You really make money online and how much?

    If there is a question of making money online then the answer is simply YES. The world richest man has built his empire of wealth through online(everyone knows the success story of Jeff Bezos for his e-commerce site Amazon which he started in 1994).

    The power of connecting people with the internet has not only widened people mind but did prove the smart people to take benefits and increase there wealth beyond there thoughts and imagination, if your one among them then start now on your plans and if you don't have any plans then do read the article as it will help you get ideas on how to make money online.

    There is no limit on how much you can earn from online. It all depends on how smart you are to use the tools in order to actually put it to work for you.


    There will be lots of ups and downs. Lots of negative thoughts but if you're motivated on starting without looking back then there is nothing that can stop or come in your way to achieve the dreams.
    With many failures comes the success.

    ONLINE EARNINGS is not a "get rich quick scheme".Everything that is built needs time to click. If you have just started or planned to start your journey online then you need to have patience as the money won't come overnight.

    I know bloggers who earn $100k per month with their single blog. Initially, they too faced lots of difficulties but they never stepped back.

    CHECK the post here to know about the blogger's blog and their earnings-


    1. Start your own blog

    Yes, the best way to make money is through starting your own blog. You can start a blog on your hobbies. Like cooking, painting, football, cricket, fashion, animals, pets, and lot many. It depends on your point of interest and area of your passion.

    If your way of interest is in cricket but your writing about football then you will  land up with fewer topics or even nothing, and you won't be able to write more then a few posts about it and slowly get demoralized.

    So it is important for you to understand which field you're passionate about so that you have enough content to write and express about your blog. 

    The blog is the way to communicate information or share your ideas and views about a product, so it is important for all bloggers to give value to all readers so that they can gain more views inorder to know what his visitors are interested about, if you keep putting the right facts in front of your visitors then there is no doubt that your blog will skyrocket in no time.

    If your blog is on profitable niches like Make money online, Insurance, Online marketingHealth and Fitness, Food, Beauty, and Fashion.

    Above are profitable niches which you can start writing your content about and earn a good return.

    The earning ways from blogs are through adds(Adsense), affiliate marketing or selling your own goods(digital items). So be motivated and start your blog if you haven't, if your strongly passionate about making money then blogging is for you.

    The earning will depend on the way you monetize your blog many be through adds but I recommend affiliate marketing as it is  more powerful way to monetize your blog.

    Blogging is the best way to make money from home and can be done from anywhere across the globe. 

    CLICK HERE to know about top bloggers of India and their income.


    2.Online Surveys Sites

    As like blogging the other way to revenuate from online is by taking surveys. There are lots of survey sites with many tasks which will help you make money from home. After completing a few tasks given in a survey you will be rewarded an amount for the task.

    The Top 3 Online Survey Sites are:

    This website provides you with many ways to earn. Like if you want to take surveys then it will take a minimum of 15 minutes to complete each task and you can earn about $1 to $2000 or more every day depending how much time you give for each survey and your accuracy to complete the survey given. As the levels will increase you will get more and more surveys and task .once you have completed a threshold amount you will be able to withdraw the money.

    SURVEY sites can give more return on investment when you have a strong online network so the referral code is being shared with lots of people who will spend more time on surveys. As the network will increase you will be rewarded for the surveys the people with your referral will complete. Like if he completes a survey of $5 you will receive a $1-$ 2.So it is important to learn to share your referral code to maximum people you can through mediums like a blog, websites, videos and more in order to earn more from survey sites.

    3.Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a way in which you get a commission for the product of someone else. If you don't own any online material or courses then you can sell someone else product on your blog, website and on many other platforms in social media.

    Like if you have an affiliate link on your site then if someone clicks on it and makes a purchase you get some commission out of it."Click bank" being the best affiliate product site is preferred for all beginners. Then you can also proceed with amazon associates and other affiliate sites like CJ affiliate, eBay, Flex offers.

    Affiliate marketing can prove to be a recursive source of income, you can make more than $4000 dollars or more through affiliate marketing every month. All you need is to set up a website or blog and share more and more your affiliate link to drive more traffic source to your site.

    The more traffic you achieve on your blog you will receive more customers who would be interested in making a purchase with your affiliate link.

    In the beginning, it won't be easy to bring traffic who would make a purchase, but slowly as your website or blog will rank higher you would find genuine customer you and your sales will increase.

    4. Freelancing

    Yes, you can be a freelancer if you have any soft skills like web designing, app designing, content writing, graphics designing, game designing, tech stuff like building any software for a client.

    Freelancing can bring you an extra earning apart from the work your doing. You will receive an amount after you complete a task given by the client. 

    Two years back I made an app for a client I was paid $1200.It was a newspaper app. As it was a  dynamic app. It took me three months to complete the app on Android studio and after the app was done I received my payment.

    So if you have any soft skills then do check sites like Freelancer,99 design, Elance, Fiver, Toptal and many others.

    You can't take five years work at a time. So it will be a wise suggestion to take one or two projects at a time.

    Freelancing can prove to be a great way as I do recommend you start from today as it will also increase your soft skills.


    Now, what all matters is the hard work you give in. Remember online has a vast source of knowledge all you need is to dive in and fetch as much as you can. 

    Stay motivated and work hard and smart, till u achieve the ways to BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME by any of the above-given ways do check other posts too, it will help u to stay motivated further Good luck to all my dear friends.
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