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3 Best Recurring SEO Affiliate Program For Beginners.Make Some Crazy Affiliate Money(2018)

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If your a new blogger with a mindset to monetize your blog with affiliate products then it is important for you to know about the best affiliate programs which you can sell and earn a good return as commission.

 If affiliate marketing sounds new to you or you're having fewer ideas about affiliate but confused on which product you can refer to your audience so that you can make some extra income, then here are some affiliate program that I personally use and recommend in my blog. This programs can be referred or promoted in any blogs working in niches related to making money online, Seo tips and tricks, keywords research guide, content marketing or by any means the blog is related to SEO facts.

As Affiliate Marketing is in trend, most digital marketers, internet influencers, and bloggers are switching their website from Adsense(or an advertisement) rather promoting valuable affiliate products. The reason for that is just a simple mathematical calculation.

 If you have a blog which receives a daily traffic of about 2000 page views and you have monetized your blog with Adsense then the earning that your blog will make that particular day would be in the range between $5 to $14(if the blog has good CPM and CPC). If I multiply that with 30 days earning then it would be around $150 to $420. That is a rough approximation about how much you can earn from Adsense in a month.

 Just imagine if you can make 5 out of 2000 readers to click on a link that will drive them to an attractive affiliate sales page(which will give you a commission of around $15 per sale if someone makes a purchase) then just do the further calculation, you will find the difference on how much you can make in one single month from affiliate then on Adsense. The best part of affiliate marketing is that it is a recursive way to make money online. That means after someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link and continues with that product in the future than for every new payment the user makes in a month or so, you will earn a percentage as commission. This will add up with the new affiliate earning.

Now, after you know about how you can get started and commit yourself saying "Yes, it is time for me to promote valuable products on my blog which is best for my readers giving them value and making me some passive money". 

The 3 High Paying  Recurring Seo Affiliate Programs are:



Then don't look back. I have listed down the best Seo affiliate program that you can promote in your blog giving you some good return. I repeat they are recurring affiliate programs so you will be making money every single month when your user continues with that product.

Semrush is an all in one competitive analysis tool which is a well-known SEO tool among the most digital marketers, bloggers, and internet influencers. Apart from the unique feature of this tool to provide the best low competition keywords, high CPC keyword, competitor backlinks, keyword rank tracking, site audit, and many more analysis features.

 This tool has been one of the favorite SEO tools among most online marketers and is growing rapidly, the reason is simple. The company has a huge collection of SERP data for more than 800 million keywords and 130 million domains. Just imagine with this only one keyword research tool you have the details of 800 million keywords in your hand.

SemRush also has an affiliate program which is popularly known as a BeRush affiliate program. You might have seen many pro blogger and SEO gurus promote this tool to a lot of their audience may be their  Blog or Youtube.

 You will earn a commission of 40% per sale if any visitor from your blog clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected to sales or signup page of SemRush.

berush affiliate program

Affiliate bullet points for Semrush.

  • Commision per each sale: You will receive a 40% commission every month till the referral makes payment to use SemRush.
  • The minimum threshold for payout: You can take payout by Paypal and Wire Transfer which have their own threshold policy. 
         1.Paypal threshold for payout: $50
         2. Wire transfer for payout: $1000
  • Cookies lifespan: As you can see in the image clearly stating that "enjoy the first cookie win attribution model to get a cookie lifespan of  10 years". Clearly, giving us the clue that the cookie lifespan is for a long period.
  • Promoting methods: Promo Banners and Referal links.

Plans of Semrush

Monthly plans

     1. PRO PLAN:
  • Cost:$99.95
  • Affiliate commission per sale:-  $39.98.
      2. GURU PLAN:

  • Cost: $199.95
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:- $79.98


  • Cost: $399.95
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:- $159.8
Annual Plans

     1. PRO PLAN:

  • Cost:-$999.40
  • Affiliate Commission:- $399.76

    2. Guru Plan:

  • Cost:-$1999.40
  • Affiliate Commission:- $799.76
   3.Business Plan:
  • Cost:-$3999.40
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:-$1599.90

Semrush is so popular that many pro bloggers recommend this tool to their readers and this tool is indeed very helpful for new as well as pro bloggers in every aspect in terms of SEO and other features which makes everything easy related to keyword research and many other Seo analytical research.

Semrush gives us the best affiliate commission of 40% on every sale,  it is among my top list of affiliate program that any blogger can sign up and recommend it to their viewers.


Kwfinder is all in one tool like Semrush but there are few features and functionalities that make it completely unique and helpful tool in respect to Seo point of view. One of the best thing that I personally like about this tool is that it comes with both free and paid so that any referred user can first try it out and continue if it is useful for them. You get 5 FREE TRAIL DAILY.

Kwfinder is popular among most bloggers. The database has more than 1,350 millions keywords, you can get the best-suited keyword that you want to target with just one click. The other features like checking up the SEO difficulty score for a keyword, competitor backlinks or getting semantic keywords comes in handy with this tool. You can play around with this tool every day unless you find the best keyword for your blog content.

 Mangool affiliate program is a well-known affiliate program of Kwfinder.

Talking about the affiliate commission you can make with this tool are from its monthly or annual plan. The average monthly earning is estimated between $487.  The number of active Mangool users are more than 300k making it a trusted tool to promote to your viewers.

Affiliate Bullet Points For Kwfinder
  • Commission Per Each Sale: 30% recurring commission per sale.
  • The minimum threshold for payout: $150 through PayPal
  • Cookie Lifespan: Cookies have a lifespan of 30 days that means if your referred visitor decides to go with this tool then you will be making 30% commission.
  • Promoting methods: Promo Banners and Referral links

Plans of Kwfinder

Monthly Plans

    1.Mangools  Basic:

  • Cost: $49
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $14.7
   2.Mangools Premium:
  • Cost: $69
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $20.7
  3. Mangools Agency:
  • Cost: $129
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $38.7

Annual Plan (Save up to 40%)

1.Mangools Basic:
  • Cost: $358.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $107.64
2.Mangools Premium:
  • Cost: $478.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $143.64
3. Mangools Agency:
  • Cost: $958.80
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $287.64
Check Out: How Pat Flynn founder of views on SEMRUSH AND KWFINDER.


Linkody is the best tool to track your competitor backlinks, this tool gives you all the details about high to low quality backlinks your competitor is using for his site. This tool is recommended by many pro bloggers as it keeps a track about what links you have gained or lost for your site. You can also connect this tool with your Google Analytics which will give you more details about backlinks, keeping a track for it.

Linkody has the best feature to get you all detailed list of the backlinks your competitors so that you can ping as many as you can get more backlinks to your site. You even get to know about the social share counts of your blog post with that of your competitors.

Linkody also provides an affiliate program popularly known as SAAS AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Linkody gives 30% commission per sale for each referred user. This affiliate is recurring which makes it a best affiliate recurring revenue ever. To signup as an affiliate, all you have to do is email them saying in the subject as "Me Your New Affiliate". That's it!!!!

Affiliate Bullet Points For Linkody
  • Commission Per Sale: 30% RECURRING COMMISSION per month.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Promoting Methods: Banners And Referral Links.
Plans Of Linkody

Monthly Plans

  • Cost: $14.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $4.47
  • Cost: $24.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $7.47
  • Cost: $49.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale: $14.97
  • Cost:$104.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:$31.47
  • Cost:$147.90
  • Affiliate Commission Per Sale:$44.37


Final Words

Affiliate marketing is best when you have a good traffic flow to your blog, but you can even make money with affiliate even if your blog traffic is low. Above, I have listed all the 3 best recurring SEO affiliate programs which you can give a try before recommending it to your readers.

This Affiliate program gets you a good commission on return, providing you some good passive money. You may write a blog post related to this tools saying " How it helped your blog to gain incredible traffic", "SEMRUSH VS KWFINDER- WHICH IS BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL", "How using this single tool skyrocketed my blog post in 30 days" and many more which will make audience know the importance about this tool.

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Top 5 Famous Well Known Bloggers In India And Their Income Report.



Amit Agarwal has paved a new era for blogging. He is among the top 5 famous well-known bloggers in India. His blog is more on technological information on software and mobile apps. His blog helps people to effectively use the mobile app and websites that can help them learn more about gadgets and computer. 

He has explained most of his blog content in a very simplistic and easy manner so that anyone reading the article can understand the contents of the blog.

He graduated as a computer engineer from IIT and worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch in the USA till 2004. But after a few years, he left the job to give all of his time to his digital blog.

His famous digital blog name is DIGITAL INSPIRATION. The blog has more than 3 million page view per month. He is making more than 10 lakhs($15000) per month from his blog. But that is an average call as his blog viewers are increasing daily his estimated average earning is about 30 lakhs ($50000) from his digital blog.
  • Blogger name - Amit Agarwal
  • Name of the blog -
  • Earning from the blog - $50000-$60000 per month
  • Income sources for the blog - Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, other advertisement services, etc.
  • Alexa ranking of the blog:2183


digital inspiration


Harsh is best known for his work on Shoutmeloud blog.ShoutMeLoud came online in 2008. Harsh never had an idea that he would eventually be making money from his blog. He just started a blog on blogger which got a good number of response from viewers across the globe. He then turned that blog from Blogger to Wordpress by purchasing a domain and host from his friend's credit card.

He was working at Accenture till 2009, then he left the job to scale up his blog(ShoutMeLoud). His blog gives a guide to most new bloggers on how to start a profitable blog, selecting a niche, more about SEO, hosting, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and many more.

His blog Alexa rank is near about 4,900. The estimated earning from his blog is near about $40000 per month. The sources of earning are from Affiliate of web hosting and domain, Amazon affiliate, online courses, Google Adsense.

  • Blogger name - Harsh Agarwal
  • Name of the blog - Shoutmeloud
  • Earning from the blog - $35000-$40000 per month
  • Income sources for the blog - selling online courses, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsoring brands, etc.
  • Alexa ranking of the blog - 4948


Faisal Farooqui is India top entrepreneur and founded, which is India's largest review platform. Mouthshut is not a blog but a website where people review movies, retail items, electronic items, vehicles, and many more.

Faisal is a very smart and ambitious guy who made his dreams come true by working on his plans to scale up his site. Faisal got many legal notices about his site from many builders, as they use to lose their projects due to customer reviews on his site. But all was turned down after Supreme Court breached down the 66Asection law.

Mouthshut is making over $2 to $3 million every year from different sources like Google adds, Affiliate commission on product reviews, and for membership on site.

He has a team of professional web developer and creative thinkers for content topics and reviews. Together they are working on the website.

Mouthshut is gaining about 2 to 3 million visitors every month. And about 1 million new visitors turn up every year, which gives his site a high Alexa rank of 3,404.

  • Blogger name - Faisal Farooqui
  • Name of the blog/website -
  • Earning from the blog - $2 to $3 million every year
  • Income sources for the blog - Google Adsense, other advertisement services, premium membership, etc.
  • Alexa ranking of the blog: 3,404.

Faisal Farooqui


4.Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani well-known for his cool style approach in blogging. He writes about technological facts, making money online ventures and gadgets. He likes sharing his income report every month.
His blog is a knowledge sharing and stylish blog. The blog used to gain about 3lakhs visitors every month, giving him a good earning between $15000 to $25000 per month. His blog has lots of awesome content one should go through it once if you're passionate about making money.
The main sources of income from his blog are Google Adsense. The other sources are Tribal fusion and Kontera advertisement services which pay a decent amount on traffic sources if your blogger then it is important for you to learn about more add provider other than Google Adsense.
His blog Alexa rank is near 4500, which gets his blog a decent amount of organic traffic from searches.

  • Blogger name - Amit Bhawani
  • Name of the blog -
  • Earning from the blog - $50000-$60000
  • Income sources of the blog - Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, other advertisement services like Tribal Fusion and 
  • Alexa ranking of the blog: 4500

Amit Bhawani

5.Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada runs a blog called as which has lots of information about programming, data structures, programming languages, web development, PHP and much more technical information on his site. The most interesting fact is that he was just 17 when he founded the blog. During his work on the blog, he found that blogging his more than earning and writing something it is more about sharing quality knowledge with others.

Srinivas runs his blog from Chennai and now residing in Atlanta, USA. He has achieved a lot of success at his early age, with the aspiration to take his blog to another level he is working harder nowadays.

The Alexa rank for his blog is 7933. Estimated earning from his blog is about $4000 to $7000 per month. The sources of his blog earning are Google Adsense, Programming training courses, and many more.

If you're looking for technical information on some programming languages, operating system, web development, etc then do check his blog it will help you to develop your skills in this field.

  • Blogger name - Srinivas Tamada
  • Name of the blog -
  • Earning from the blog - $30000-$40000(approx)
  • Income sources for the blog -  Google Adsense, selling courses, brand partnership, affiliate marketing
  • Alexa ranking of the blog:2183


They are top 5 famous well-known bloggers in India, with the hard work and persistence, they have achieved what they deserve to be. They took a smart decision and believed in the ideas they worked on. If your want to be one among them then start today as there is no right time for anything, it is the right action with the right mindset to start now.
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3 Reasons To Start A Profitable Blog Today. How Blogging Can Make You A Millionaire(2018)

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If the phrase blogger meaning sounds new to you, then read this article carefully as it can be a  turning point in your life.

This article is for beginners and newbie who want to know what exactly blog stand for how they can start blogging today with just $0 and turn it to $1000 or more per month. Yes, you can do it. I promise you.

According to Wikipedia, a blogger is a person who regularly writes articles on the blog.

But to make it simple bloggers are writers in the online world who express their views through blogs.

Bloggers share their knowledge with the reader who is looking for some information about a niche. The niche can be about food, pets, health, make money, fashion and lot many other niches.

By sharing their knowledge or helping readers to solve a problem in some way they turn their readers into a customer. This helps the blogger to built wealth online, taking many from rags to riches.

Blogging is a way to express thoughts or ideas of a blogger through online in text format or posts, and it helps readers to gain information out of it.

In more professional manner blogging is an art where bloggers being an artist design their blog to share their views about a niche.
 When we talk about blogging their comes to a word blog, what exactly is a blog?
According to Wikipedia, a blog is a regularly updated website or a web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal style.

The story of two blogger friends

Clive and Justin were two fast friends. One fine day, Clive says Justin about his blog and how he was making money from his food blog that he set up just two years back. Justin was astonished to know that it was possible to make money from blogging. 

Justin not knowing much about blogging topic cuts the conversation and a few hours later they go back to their respective home. That whole night Justin was thinking about his credit card debt, about his boss who can fire him any time for not completing the target that month. He was hopeless now.

Lots of thoughts were running through his mind he didn't have any way to clear all the debts he had. In all that thoughts he remembers about Clive telling him that he was making money from blogging. It was a late night, he called Clive and said that he was interested to know how the blogging works and how he could expertize in that. Clive promises to help him.

For the next three month, Justin learns how to work on the themes, layouts, headers, and all customization of the blog. He learns it two quick in a very short span of time. 

Justin knew that he had in-depth knowledge about the financial sector, starts a blog about finance and investment. He brought a domain and hosting, designed it, wrote high-quality content and updated the blog every single day.

"And BOOM"

Within a year his finance blog was ranking on the top of the google searches, giving his blog tons of traffic every single day. Slowly, he learned to monetize the site with adds then with affiliates and started selling his own courses to teach other about investing money online and real estate.

After two years he didn't only pay all his debt but also was having enough money to built a new house for himself. But he didn't stop to take a break to enjoy what he had or lavishly spend what he has earned he became smart now. He realized how to work with money matrix.

After five years he had a net worth of 5 million dollars, he achieved everything because he wanted to change and so you can.


Why start a blog today if you haven't yet?


blog millionarie thoughts

Blogging has the potential to take you from rags to riches. If blogging is done in a very smart way it will take you from nothing to a millionaire. Yes, if blogging is done seriously smartly with very good SEO it can turn the blog into a money machine.

Making money from the blog is a slow process, it is not a get rick in a single night. It takes time to work, so it is necessary for most of the new blogger to have patience.

There are a lot of crazy bloggers who are making tons and tons of money every single day. Few are self-ma millionaires from their blog. They too made mistakes in the early stages but the only thing is that they learned from the mistakes that they were making.

Jeff Rose is a financial advisor, investor, and a blogger. He started his blog around 2008, with dedicated hard work he made it a successful financial blog. He makes millions and millions every year. Jeff owns his personal blog "". If you are interested to know more about his journey to visit his youtube channel - click here.

You must remember that most of the bloggers who are making money and generating a huge income didn't get overnight success, they kept working on the plans until they achieved that. 

Few bloggers started with just Adsense with no idea on how they can monetize their blog, steadily they developed the idea how they can make money with affiliate commissions, or through selling their own products.

Yes, they are humans like you and me they achieved it, faced lots of ups and downs but never gave up on their ideas. 

"To be a millionaire you have to think like one of them"


popular blog

Blogging has the power to make you popular and famous among the audiences who have an interest in your niche.

If your a financial adviser, having in-depth knowledge about finance, then if you start a blog about finance it will be boom in no time, you will find a number of audiences who have same interest in finance loving to read your post, this will help not only people knowing you but also they will connect you to know more about the niche.

As your popularity would increase and you will be famous among many finance entrepreneur they would suggest you more ways to drive traffic to your sites, helping you with sponsorship and many other factors. You will have a drastic increase in both your popularity and money in your bank account.

"One arrow two targets achieved"

As a blogger, you will have a community of like-minded audience who would recognize your effort, help you exchange views and tips on the niche your working on.

As a result, you will be a famous entity among many peoples and also the blogosphere.


blog for passion

"When you work towards your dream then you achieve the dreams you see"

After working on a blog for a year, you would realize that it is necessary to update the post with new content every day or two.

Your audience following your blog will demand new articles related to your niche.

Now, that will pull you to work on the blog. In order to give the best and fresh content to your visitors. 

You will start working on the goal to deliver the best valuable content to visitors so that your blog stands unique among other blogs working in the same niche.

Goal setting also is considered for the monetization part too.

If your blog making over $100 every month from your blog by running adds then set a target to make $120 the other month by integrating affiliate in your blog. 

Keep introspecting your goal to hustle on your goals.


Hope this article has helped you to get motivated and work towards your blogging career. It might also have answered a few queries for beginners like what does blogging meaning is, who are bloggers and why to start your own blog. To know how you can start a free blog with google blogger then continue reading the posts on the blog. 

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24 Crazy Free SEO Tools That Can Skyrocket Your New Blog Content-( 2018)

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Free SEO Tools For Blogging Beginners.

To rank top in Google search pages it is important to select the right tools in SEO point of view. The best SEO tools can help you make your blog rank high, generate a good amount of Traffic to your blog and stand out from the crowd.

If your blog or website is SEO FRIENDLY and WELL ORGANIZED then, in no time your post would be ranking high on GOOGLE search pages as well as other search engines (like BING and YAHOO). And, if you have read other successful blogs you might have noticed that every blog will suggest you pick the right keyword tools.

SEO TOOLS comes with both free and paid, both have its pros and cons. But, If you're a beginner with a thought of investing less on keyword research tools, you can always opt for the free tool instead of paid ones. 

Here are the best free SEO tools for beginner bloggers that I personally use to make my post SEO friendly. Hope it will help you to skyrocket your blog traffic. If you use these blog tools which are free properly then it can generate unbelievable results. I GUARANTEE YOU. 

I have categorized these tools accordingly.

free SEO tools for blogging beginners



Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword research tool offered by Google. This tool is recommended for new bloggers. Google Keyword Planner gives you the best similar and relevant keywords for the related keywords that you want to target. This tool also helps you to analyze the number of searches for that related keyword(average monthly searches), competition, CPC(COST PER CLICK), suggest a bid for that keyword(high and low). You need to have a Gmail and Adwords account to access the keyword planner.

You can use this tool to find the best long tail keyword for your blog post.

The only prerequisite to access the Google Keyword Planner is to have a Google Adwords account which you can access using your Gmail account.

answer the public

If you want to find the most relevant keywords anything may-be a short tail or long tail keyword, then, in my opinion, don't look here or there just go to Answer The Public and type the keyword that you want to rank for, you will get dozens of relevant keyword ideas.

Answer The Public fetch date from Google Keyword Planner and Bing producing the best results.

This tool gives you the best-suggested keywords for your keyword you type in. It is used by a number of bloggers, digital marketers, e-commerce sites to get the best-suited keyword for the post(article) they publish.

If you decide to go with this tool, then do-use KEYWORD EVERYWHERE it will help you find the average monthly searches, CPC along with competition.

Ubersuggest is a free tool for Seo that generates a list of long tail keyword for your article.

Ubersuggest fetch date from google suggest and google keyword planner providing you the data for that searched word. This tool is completely free, giving you the full authority to use it for your blog, website, Youtube or image.

Like other tools, it will provide you with the best-suggested keyword that you want to rank for.

But the relevant keywords have the accurate date with average monthly searches, CPC, competition.
The reason for ranking it on three is that the updated Ubersuggest (after being taken under Seo expert Neil Patel) is proven to be the most trusted free SEO analysis tool.

When You type the keyword you will find:

  1. A Gaint list of semantic keywords(related to the one you enter)
  2. Cost per click(high CPC can give you high returns for the adds)
  3. Average monthly searches 

It is one of my favorite free blogging SEO tools, this tool has a feature where you can select the country you want to target the keyword.

I always prefer keyword which ranks in countries like USA, UK, Canda, India(bonus CPC for this country is high) and other countries where people have a good knowledge of English.

keyword everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is the best free alternative to Google Planner. This tool is completely free with lots of features.

To use it, you have to install the extension to the browser( chrome or firefox). Then you will receive an email with step by step process to install the addon to the browser. After you enter the API key you will be fully able to access this SEO TOOLS.


The beauty of this tool is that it works along with many other keyword research tools and browsing sites. LIKE, you can use it with YOUTUBE, ANSWER THE PUBLIC, AMAZON, SOOVLE, GOOGLE SUGGEST, GOOGLE WEBMASTER, and many other research tools.

If your working as an affiliate for Amazon then I do recommend you to use this tool. It will help you get the best products,  along with it search preferences.

This tool is very simple to use and in the future, I will make videos and articles which will help you get the best keyword using this tool.


semrush keyword research tool





Keyword.IO helps you get a massive list of killer keywords. After you enter the keyword(like the one I have shown below) you would find suggested massive keyword list which matches with the one you typed in.

Now you would be thinking that Keyword.IO is not free. But, there is a GOLDEN TRICK which can help you check all the analysis for the targeted keyword.

Copy the massive keyword list, then click on the bulk upload keywords then paste the massive keyword list. BOOM!!!! A monster long tail keyword list with monthly searches, CPC, and competition list will just be in front of you. Now the only job that would be left for you would be to pick the right keyword from the list and sprinkle it all over your blog.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is an autosuggest or auto-complete search terms by Google. To use this tool open up Google then enter the search term as shown. You will find a few suggestions. 

google suggest results

 You will get a number of suggestions for that keyword which are longtail and mostly searched words for the seed keyword.
For example: If your targeting for  "Best health tips" which is highly competitive keyword so what you can do is pick any keyword from here and search it in SEMRUSH to check its SEO difficulty score and you're done. You will have a powerful keyword with less competition and more search volumes.




I remember making lots of error while writing my first blog six months back. I was using a theme which was not SEO friendly, I was ranking for some random keywords. I too started commenting in another blog with no idea how many backlinks I got for that particular article. I searched for many blogs and videos on how to overcome this, then I got to know about two tools one which was free and other being paid( SEMRUSH AND SEO ANALYZER).
Slowly, I started working on the site and optimized it to great extent.

Seo Analyzer is a free tool provided by Neil Patel, which helps a lot in analyzing the blog to a great extent. It will fetch you with all data regarding the site speed, page size, errors, warnings, whether your blog is mobile friendly or not, HTML errors, image load time and size and with many other features which you can improve to get a good SEO score for the blog.

Seo Analyzer tells about the high priority( which is to be taken first, modified and fixed), medium priority( after modifying the high prior portions the next thing would be to work in this section), low priority(few of this sections can't be completely modified but Yes you can try improving it).

Seoptimer is both a freemium tool which helps you in improving the SEO for your blog/website. It will give you an overview of your site SEO factors like the keyword your ranking, a number of backlinks your site has, keyword consistency, header tags, amount of content, if the URL your using is user-friendly or not.

I have upgraded the PRO version of SEOPTIMER, which helps me analyze and work on the background structure of my blog. With just $29 per month, you can use many features provided by SEOPTIMER. 

The second to SEO site checker which I will recommend is SEOTESTERONLINE as most of the site checker have same orbit different feature this tool comes with free and paid versions. After you enter the URL, it will give you a score depending on the site speed, backlinks, image optimized score and many other features.

After you enter the URL you will see an overview block which will tell you about the SEO score for your site.

Google page insights is a free tool provided by Google. It was basically for web developers who want to check whether the website is optimized or not.

Most of the blog images tend to slow down the page speed, with the help of this tool you will get to know which images are trying to slow down the site.

You will find two options on the header bar displaying desktop and mobile. If in each bar your site score is Good then it's awesome as your page loading speed, size and images are optimized and organized, which will increase the site ranking in few months.

Seo site checkup has both free and premium options. You can join for 14 days free trial then upgrades it so that you can use more features of this tool. I don't know how accurate it is but if you fix the problems then it will surely help your site to get optimized.

It is simple to use, you just need to enter the URL as shown and it will get you the results and other details about your site. The important part to focus on the details are the graph which points out about the errors, warning and pass results.

This site checks whether the site is optimized with regard to meta title, meta description, SEO friendly or not, whether the image that you're using has alt text or not, page speed and size. You can make changes with the details from this tool and that will surely optimize the site.

Screaming Frog

screaming frog seo spider

Screaming Frog is a free tool which you can download it, with accordance to the OS(windows or mace)easily. 

This tool will give you complete details about the site. It will point out all the mistakes about the blog and the articles in it. 

You will get an excel sheet which you can export anytime. This excel sheet highlights: 

1. Whether or not the site or article is Seo friendly.
2. Header tags are within the range of specified characters.
3. The number of tags in the blog post.
4. The meta description for each description is provided or not.
5. Permalinks are properly optimized or not.
6. Keyword density is maintained or not

A blog ranks on top with three main factors good quality content, killer keyword and high-quality backlinks.
When it comes to backlink it is highly important to understand what your competitors in the same niche are doing to built strong backlinks.
Neil Patel ( Seo expert and Digital marketing hero) said in one of his Interview that if you want to outrank your competitors than built more links than your competitors.

Here are some free backlink checker tools that can help you achieve it:

Seoquake is a  plugin which can be added to any browser(Chrome, Mozilla, or opera) which provides data about the search term, like the number of internal and backlinks the competitor for that keyword has.

Seoquake also tells about the keyword density, social shares and links that particular landing page competitor is using.

There is a bar below the landing page, which gives all details about Alexa ranking, Facebook shares and likes, links, difficulty score, google ranking, Domain authority, page authority and many other in-depth facts about that landing page.



If you're looking to check your competitor's social shares, may be thinking whether how many shares did the landing page holders for a particular keyword have then just go to Buzzsumo, take the top three URL of that keyword and enter it on the site. Within a few seconds, you will have all the details about on the social shares the competitor's site are having, giving you an approximate idea on how to go with your article.

Buzzsumo has a lot of filters which you can use to analyze the competitor's site. The social share counts will be from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many other social media platform. 

 Buzzsumo highlights about the referral domain which are linking to your competitor's sites, you can connect with most of them asking for backlinks and guest posts, which in turn will double your traffic.

This tool is very compatible to use, you have to just enter the competitor URL into the site and that will provide you with information about the external links, internal links and the referral links the site has.

With a giant list of websites which are referring to that domain.

Seoreviewstools not only point about the social shares and backlinks but also about the number of visitors per month, returning visitors, registered members for that URL. There are a lot of compatible features which you can help you learn more about this site to know more click here.



When it comes to top-level competitor backlink survey,  I will highly recommend you to use this freemium tool. You can give it a try for the 30-day free trial and if you want to use it after trial then I recommend you to take the PRO version of Moz. I repeat this is for both beginner and experts bloggers, it will take time to understand the algorithm for this tool but gradually you will get to know how powerful this keyword research tool can prove for your blog. 

Coming back to backlinks, you have to navigate to Link explorer, then take the competitor keyword and place in the tab as shown. Now you will get a long list of results about the competitor backlinks from different authority pages. Click on the inbound link option to know the analytical score of the Domain authority, page authority, and the linking domains. This will give you all external and internal links that competitor site has for that landing page.

You can also export the details in CSV, then shortlist the keyword accordingly.


Canva is the free best image design tools, you can crop edit any image, resize the image, add text to the images, you will find the awesome layout for image, blur, sharpen and brighten any image, you will get a tons of templates for images, tons of image frames, stickers, bandages for the images.

This tool is excellent for bloggers to create eye-catching images for there blog posts. 


People like blogs which have best images relevant to the topic. For example, if you make an infographic it will get more share then a blank blog with no images. I personally use this tool for my blog and making pins for Pinterest.

Canva has the beautiful interface which is user-friendly and extremely easy to use, this is why it is most popular among bloggers, website holders, online business marketers, online entrepreneurs and other professional business persons.


Pixabay has a collection of best images that you can use for your blog or website. 
Enter the keyword in the tab then you will get a collection of relevant images for the search term. 

Like in the pic you can see the relevant list of images for the search term beautiful birds.
You can edit the image later with Photoshop, Pixlr or Canva after you download that image from PIXABAY.



Pixlr is a free alternative to Photoshop, but here you don't need to download any software but if you can directly use it to edit any image just like Photoshop. If you don't have good knowledge about Photoshop this tool will work best for you. I have seen many Youtubers make their Youtube thumbnails using this free tools.
When it comes to header images, editing a photo, resizing the photo, decreasing the size of the pic then this tool works best for me. After you're done with the editing part then you just need to select the format for the image( JPEG OR PNG) and chose the quality according to the flexibility(see to that the quality of the image is maintained and not degraded).
When you download an image from Google, Pixabay or Canva then the original size of the image could be very large, if you directly apply that image into the WordPress or Blogger post than that can increase OR distort the blog size and increase the load time. The preferred image size for a blogging platform is less than 50 kb, to achieve this you have a best free image compression tool which can compress a large size image retaining the quality.

 Tiny png or JPEG, which can help you resize the image just by compressing an image size. All you need to do is click on upload image> select the image> click on the compress button, then Bang you have the compressed image.


Grammarly comes with both free and paid. It is a very helpful tool that points out some small grammatical errors which you can modify and fix later.  Maybe the top bloggers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and online business holder they know how important it to their audience to give the details with less grammatical errors. I am using the free version which comes with certain limits like only the major few mistakes will be highlighted. VERY SOON, I will upgrade it to Pro version which is just $29 dollars per month.

Google analytics gives all details about the number of page views, the bounce rate for the site, the keyword which is driving traffic to a blog post, number of active users, and many other in-depth details about your the site. You have to just login with your blog or website URL then take the HTML code and place it as instructed or if you're in Blogspot platform then go to setting then to Google analytics place the UNIQUE ID. After a few hours, you will get the analytic report of your blog.

Closing words

I have listed most of the free SEO tools for blogging beginner these tools are my personal favorite comment down below what SEO tools you use for SEO in your blog or which one are you gonna try after going through the article.

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